About Me

Tayvon Jackson is a Financial Advisor in the Washington DC area and author of three best selling financial books, 40 Acres and Some Dividends, Poor Dad No Dad, and Love and Finance. Graduate of Mount Saint Mary’s University, Tayvon was a triple major in Mathematics, Business, and Information Systems with a minor in Accounting and has always had an interest in building wealth while being a collegiate basketball player. After realizing that he would not make it to the NBA, he got into finance after seeing how many athletes would go broke or bankrupt after their playing careers were finished. With lack of financial education in the school systems, a decrease in pensions and uncertainty with social security, Tayvon specializes in educating select clients on the new way to retire which is while you are able to enjoy life and by using residual income. Tayvon’s philosophy is that you have to protect your gains from losses at all costs, reduce your debt to a bare minimum, and pay as little in taxes in retirement as possible.